About the project

Our customer had been in the machine tooling business for over 40 years, importing tooling machines of selected brands and providing related after-sales services. As the customer faced challenges in their business, they looked for ways to modernize through further digitalization and to find new avenues for revenue.

The challenge

The customer needed to sell their machines more efficiently, as contacting and meeting potential customers was time-consuming. Although the customer had an online sales channel, it was limited in features, required updating, and needed improvement. The Covid-19 pandemic made sales even more difficult, leading the customer to explore new ways of generating additional revenue.

The solution

Loop4, in collaboration with the client, created a sophisticated web-based portal for subcontracting that effectively tackled their business challenges and offered considerable benefits:

The customer can modernize and expand their web presence, making it more appealing and incorporating it into the new portal. Through the new business model, the customer has the opportunity to learn about machine needs and potential customers for themselves.

The project received public funding.

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