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Suunto is a world-renowned producer of sports watches, instruments and dive computers. Hailing from Finland, the company has been at the forefront of sports technology for over 80 years. The collaboration between SoSe (a Loop4 company) and Suunto began in 2015 when Suunto was looking to introduce their innovations to more adventurers around the globe.

The ultimate goal was to have more potential Finnish customers to learn the essential performance & exercise-related factors and personal benefits from Suunto’s products in an inspiring, untraditional way. Despite a tight timeline, we sat down with the client to discuss all the aspects of the campaign and offered them a tailor-made service including planning and realisation of the interactive marketing app, social media strategy, implementation and consulting.

The central idea of the campaign was creating an interactive application which helps users learn the benefits of Suunto’s products. The application, packed with fun information, questions, images, and animation, was carefully designed and crafted by SoSe team. All the information in the app are useful to users and sophisticatedly linked to Suunto’s products. We also used various humorous headlines such as “Test if you are an athlete or cutlet” (translated from Finnish) to catch users’ attention.

SoSe by Loop4. SoSe by Loop4.

Content is usually considered as ‘king’ in many marketing campaigns but context to us is equally important. Hence, spreading the news about this application has never been a quick task. Even though Finland is a relatively small market, there are so many channels we could use to reach the target audience such as blogs, emails, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, ad banners, sport and hobby clubs, etc.

To ensure the high quality of the campaign performance, we did an extensive evaluation of those channels to find the most suitable ones for Suunto brand. Furthermore, we dug deeper in each selected channel to find the most relevant audiences for the campaign. For example, specific sports Facebook groups like hiking and trekking are more preferable than a generic sports group, a skiing vlogger with 50k subscribers is more relevant than a comedian with 1M subscribers.


The interactive application enabled Suunto to emphasize device features in a striking and funny way to the target audience and strengthen Suunto’s brand. Thanks to the fun application and highly relevant channels, within a week, over 9000 users (qualified leads) used the app with an average time spent per person of 4.5 minutes. Additionally, over 5000 votes and 360 pictures were submitted.

The results of the campaign, especially the large number of users, surprised our client extremely positively.

Arne Hook

Arne Hook
former SoSe’s (a Loop4 company) CEO

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