Industrial Extranet Solutions

An extranet is a closed online service that utilizes internet technology for communication between a company and its customers or business partners. We develop extranet services to meet both the operational and communicative needs of industrial companies, which may include:

Product Information Management and Sharing

Product Information Management and Sharing is a challenge when dealing with a large number of products, components, or any other items. A centralized data repository serving B2B end-users, distributors, suppliers, and other partners frees up resources for more productive work, increases sales, and fosters customer loyalty.

Technical Support for Production

Increase sales and enable additional sales through online orders or integrations. We create new digital sales channels and facilitate communication. Through integrations, customers can view inventory levels and place orders directly from their own system.

Outsourcing of Maintenance and Support Tasks

Tasks related to outsourcing maintenance and support activities, such as assigning and ordering tasks and real-time tracking of progress, are also examples of manufacturing industry operations that can be significantly enhanced through the use of an extranet.

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Benefits of Extranet Solutions for Industrial Companies

Improved Sales and Productivity

Improved Sales and Productivity

  • Adding new sales channels
  • Simplifying information retrieval and sharing
  • Reducing email usage
  • Eliminating version control challenges
More Efficient Supply Chains

More Efficient Supply Chains

  • Direct sharing of inventory information with suppliers
  • Alerts on low inventory levels
Enhanced Customer Service

Enhanced Customer Service

  • B2B customers can log in to their dedicated areas
  • Quick access to product and transaction data, such as production or inventory tracking, order history, account information, and order status
Support for Team Collaboration

Support for Team Collaboration

  • Facilitating collaboration among various stakeholders, including planners, product experts, research and production teams
  • Enabling the sharing and utilization of the same information within the extranet, regardless of time and location


  • Extranets allow companies to control access to information and grant different levels of permissions as needed
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

  • While developing an extranet system requires an initial investment, it typically pays for itself quickly
  • Reducing costs associated with document retrieval, updating, printing, and sending
  • Supporting customer service and reducing the need for travel
  • The possibility of implementing a paid access model for users

Loop4 Understands the Needs of Manufacturing Companies

Our team has extensive experience in implementing challenging web applications using various technologies, including integrations with Google sign-on, calendar, map, and location services. The specifications and design work is led by a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters degree and who has knowledge of various functions within manufacturing companies, from production to sales.

We have designed and implemented extranet functionalities for the industrial sector in the following ways:

  • Role-based access and functionality targeting, such as roles for the company, subcontractors, customers, equipment suppliers, and more
  • Search engines: Parameterized data searches, free-text searches, and advanced searches using Google Maps, displaying results based on a defined distance
  • Integrations with internal and external stakeholder systems, including third-party integration using various technologies like Single Sign-On (SSO), SAML, OAuth, REST, and others
  • Content configuration options and the ability to customize the user experience for different sections
  • White-labeling: The ability to use the client's logo and color scheme for devices and restrict visibility to selected roles
  • Device location information on maps, map searches with distance limitation, and displaying search results on Google Maps
  • Flexible localization: Supporting different languages, currencies, units of measurement, right to left languages, and various ways to use calendars
  • User activity tracking
  • Support functions, including features like chat and onboarding

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